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Raiza Red Yoga

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Movement, Mantra, Meditation 

Yoga for Every Body!

Come flow with me!

Based in Palma de Mallorca, my intention is to help every student listen to their soul's inner wisdom and create a harmonious balance in the body and mind.
We hope that our students experience the joy that the practice brings us. My Yoga classes and workshops have something for everyone, at every level.

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Child's Pose

Our Offerings


Feedback From Our Practitioners

Raiza makes Yoga approachable. She always offers modifications and makes everyone feel inspired during class, no matter what your level is.

Birdy Meyers

Raiza's Classes are challenging and fun. Each class is very different and varied. She has helped me grow my practice so much. 

Agnes Mac Leod

Siempre un placer! Her morning classes always make you feel awake and refreshed.

Javi Fernandez Moya

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