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5 Must have Crystals for Valentine's Day!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

❤️ Happy Valentine's day!

Looking for love?? or...Want to spice up your current relationship?

I got a crystal for that!

Crystals and gemstones are magical sparkly wonders of nature. They have been worn and used to adorn amulets, objects, homes and sacred places for thousands of years. Crystals are believed to bestow protection, healing, and mystic power to their wearer. Each crystal’s unique shape and structure contains its own energetic vibratory frequencies that subliminally resonate with our own physical, mental and energetic vibration. There are specific crystals, 5 of which I mention here, that vibrate with our own heartbeat, our Anahata chakra ( Heart Chakra) and our emotions.

Certain stones vibrate with specific emotional states, and therefore have the potential to attract other people who resonate with those same emotional states. Crystals can amplify what you wish to attract, based on your own thoughts and feelings. Just add a little love and desire to the mix, and get ready for romance!


❤️ 5 Crystals for Manifesting Love :

Rose Quartz

  • Cultivates Self Love

  • Attracts Love

  • Heals heartache

  • Heals trauma

  • Transmutes negative energy

  • Calms & promotes peace

  • Promotes romance

Rose Quartz is one of the primary stones any crystal collector should have. It vibrates pure love, femininity, gentleness and peace. It is the stone of grace and opens our awareness to divine love. It eases a broken heart and invokes a sense of subtle, uplifting hope. It is wonderful for self healing and promoting self-love. This sweet pink stone beams with immeasurable, cosmic love and will surround you with radiant healing light, anywhere, anytime you need it. Rose quartz should be worn next to the heart or kept at your bedside table. Looking to attract a nurturing, gentle, loving partner? Rose quartz will help you find that perfect match!

Clear Quartz

  • Clears away toxic energy / emotions from past relationships

  • Facilitates deep soul cleansing

  • Cultivates clarity & purity

  • Revitalises the mind, body and spirit

  • Harmonises Chakras & aligns subtle body

  • Awakens Psychic abilities and Clairvoyance

  • Empowers self confidence

Clear Quartz is the quintessential crystal to have. It transmutes negative energy and its high vibes attract truth, clarity and intuition. It is both a protector and an energy enhancer. It is an excellent choice to keep by your front door or bed side table, as it invites light and purity. It is useful in clearing energy in your home, surroundings or relationships. It amplifies the vibrations of other crystals around it and will make a great companion to Rose quartz. It is best worn near the Crown Chakra ( top of head) or Third eye ( brow point). It will help you create a clear vision of what your heart truly desires. A clear quartz hat or hair pin, earrings or a bindi make a most auspicious accessory. Searching for an honest, energetic and protective other half? The answer is clear, of Quartz.....who wouldn't?

Moon Stone

  • Stimulates erotic love

  • Enhances sensuality & sexuality

  • Awakens Kundalini

  • Promotes feminine health (rules the ovaries and uterus

  • Enhances fertility

  • Relaxes and calms the mind

  • Enhances dreams and visions

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