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Updated: Apr 13, 2020


  False Evidence Appearing Real   Fear   It is Man's highly charged, primal emotion for emergencies and self preservation, the Sympathetic nervous system. Our response to fear can come in handy during traumatic events, such as in a fire or life threatening situations. It calls us into action.  However this is not always the case. If left to it's own devices, it can ultimately botch our reality and cripple us. Do we really want to be controlled by our own unfounded, fear based ideas of what the unknown holds? Why let our fears create our story? Over time, we store these fears like "charges"in our limbic system and the brain creates "triggers" based on our emotional assessment of what we see as a traumatic experience. If triggered regularly ,they exhaust our adrenals and  lead to a myriad of disease responses in the body. It does not serve us and distorts our vision of reality.

  Sadly , fear has become a common everyday emotion for some, even when there is no present danger. Along with a slew of modern day phobias and self esteem issues, we fear mostly the unknown. Humans are creatures of habit and don't always respond well to change. As a collective we tend to cling to the idea of permanence, when in reality we are impermanent. The process of death is a major fear. We tend to create a false sense of security and create an unrealistic mentality of permanence to avoid it. Sadly, death is a natural conclusion to all life. From this theory stems a lot of panic and anxiety issues we face today. When we are not grounded in truth and acceptance, we feel unsafe. The reality is we must live in the now, because the future is unknown.

 So how do we get gain control over fear? Why is this fear coming up and how do we control it?  What does this fear serve? Is it's source authentically a threat?      When our emotions get best of us, we panic and react, often unnecessarily. We go into fear mode and our bodies dive into "fight or flight". We get shaken up and stressed out when suddenly we are faced with what we perceive as aggression. Fear is a human response to peril, but are we always really in peril?  When we react in fear, it  displaces our mind, body and spirit. It occludes our vision with often imparts  a false sense of impending doom. If we can face the unknown from a grounded, calm place, we often find things are not as they appear. We can clearly see there are other options and a way out. We can choose to act, rather than react. From a calm state, we can than sift the mind and distinguish whether our 'crisis' response is valid. There are so many types and fears and triggers, but identifying them can help taming anxiety.    When fear comes up , it is wise to remember who is really in control. We must learn Self trust and honour our own intuition. Meditation, breath work and counselling can help us explore and navigate through the negativity that may the root of the panic. Discerning when fear and our response to it is valid, can save us a lot of adrenal fatigue. Is it worth the rush of anxious thoughts and misperceived notions? Why worry and fear what we don't have or know.

We must be aware that we are all wonderfully constructed beings, crafted by the great Creator. We are divine!  We must honour that we carry the gift of resilience inside of us and every trial we face is a lesson. Each life takes it's own path and every outcome is different. Every experience here on Earth depends on many factors, but mostly it's about the individual. Comparisons can be counter productive, as each of us have distinctive gifts to offer on our time here on Earth. We can create our own positive strategies to counteract fear and live in harmony with whatever trials we will face. Here are a few steps we can take to combat our fears and gain back a sense of control.

  •  Breathe!  Stop whatever your doing and find a quiet space. Breath in slowly counting to 6 on the inhale and exhale fully counting to 12. ( Repeat  for about 1 minute.)  Know that you are safe, supported and loved by the Universe! Know that you are wonderfully created by God! You are a Divine being and have a purpose here!

  •  Self Inquiry: Identify your fears. Why and When do they come up?  Are they an actual risk? Question your boundaries and inquire whether life's tests are truly insurmountable or are they just fleeting moments? Is there a solution you have not explored yet?  Ask for the opinions of others. Get an outsider's perspective. Seek help or speak to a friend about it.

  •  Be present! Live in the moment. Worrying about what will happen tomorrow is futile, but if we enjoy the present moment, we ultimately get more out of life. Don't agonise about the past or future events. We can control the "now" but not the past or future.  Forgive yourself and others, Let it go.

  • Surround yourself with happy, productive people and observe their habits. We can learn from other people's strengths and incorporate their success strategies into our daily routine in order to build our own self confidence. 

  • Self Care and healthy lifestyle changes contribute to a stable, tranquil mindset. Get enough sleep,exervise and eat well. Have a mini detox from stimulants that can contribute to anxiety, like alcohol and caffeine. 

  • Meditation is a great tool for building self trust and creating a clear vision of what we want. It can help us reach a deep state of relaxation and awareness. There are loads of books to reference online or visit your local Yoga studio! Set time aside in your day for it. It's life altering!

  •  Journalling : Write it out! Put your thoughts on paper and get a clear prospective. Make a plan. Set small, concise goals. Be open to the new solutions and options. Question your boundaries and inquire wether life's tests are truly insurmountable as they seem or are they just fleeting moments? 

Whether we accept it or not, we only get one life, so why not live to the fullest?  The past is gone, today is a gift, tomorrow is always a mystery. Why make it a scary, negative mystery when instead it may be a beautiful surprise?     Since we all have our own life journey and perceptions, we must remember everyone's experience here on Earth is different. While we can relate to one another, we are never exactly the same.  Be open! There are endless possibilities and miracles happening every day. Reprogram! Replace the word "FEAR" with "Caution". The big difference between "Fear" and "Caution", is that fear is often not productive and can be unfounded. Caution facilitates our transitions through the most taxing obstacles, carefully navigating us through undiscovered territory. Caution is a process of investigation and seeing everything as a whole before we take action.  If we are mindfully cautious, rather than fearful, we can approach any situation rationally and well prepared. We can be ready for unforeseen challenges without the self defeating talk and doubts. We can know, that no matter the final result, we did our best to our fullest capacity. "Acting" and not "reacting" , is our greatest strength. But most of all, we can enjoy the present, rather than waste it on worry or grief.  We can shift the fear to gratitude, cherishing each moment doing what we love and speeding time with dear ones.    So when Fear pops up, breathe. Take steps to dismantle it. Is the fear truly an unchangeable fact?  Does it serve? Is it worth losing time over?  Remember, this too shall pass. Proceed with Caution and calmly consider the facts. Trust in yourself as the gloriously divine being that you are!   Namaste

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