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FALL-ing into Place: Welcome to the 30 day Autumn Wellness Yoga challenge!

Thanks for joining me for 30 days of Mantra, Mudras, Yoga flows, Ayurvedic recipes, and more!

Autumn is a time of transition, a falling away or shedding of the old and an invitation to turn inward into the stillness that awaits us in Winter. It is nature's way of marking the end of a cycle and welcoming the approach of a new season ahead. An energetic shift occurs as the hot, vibrant radiance of summer cools down into the darker, duller, quietude of Fall.

In Ayurvedic terms, Autumn is known as Sharad Ritu. It is the season of Vata dosha, whose corresponding elements are ether and air. The transition into Autumn from Summer can leave us feeling frazzled, tired, dull, and dry like the dead fallen leaves whirling in the wind. As Vata increases in our environment, so do the Vata qualities within us. The decreasing hours of sunlight and drop in temperatures can leave us feeling drained and melancholy. Ayurveda and Yoga offer us practices, rituals, and routines to assist us in gracefully transposing between seasons.

"To everything turn, turn, turn... there is a season..."

-The Mamas and the Pappas

As the Earth spins on its axis, turning away from the sun as it crosses the celestial equator, we turn away from Summer's Yang Pitta ( fire & water) cycle. Some of us may still hold physical or energetic imprints of this elevated dosha in our bodies for up to a few weeks after the season has changed. Pitta can show up as irritability, inflammation, digestive issues, a need for overachieving, or explosive emotional instability. If you’re currently experiencing inflated Pitta, shift your focus on self-care and simply slow down. Take a moment to take stock of your daily life. Observe your stress levels, sleep habits, diet and make changes accordingly. It is easy to overindulge during the summer holidays. Too much sun, too many activities, unhealthy food, and the heat itself, can flare up volatile Pitta. We tend to squeeze as much in as we can into a short period of vacation time, which in the end, can cause anxiety that we carry with us into the Fall season. It is time to literally cool down and stop! Avoid friction in all aspects of your life by allowing personal space and time for yourself. Implement healthy routines and allow yourself room to breathe. Release any sense of needing to be busy all the time. This is a common mental vice with elevated Pitta. give yourself permission to relax.

Clearing your space is a great place to start. Decluttering the home and culling useless or outdated personal effects pacifies a busy Vata mind and imbues a sense of calm. Use colour therapy to boost moods by decorating your space with warmer, earthy tones like orange and rich browns to introduce a sense of grounding. Fasting is also a traditional and effective way to re-set your entire being and boost immune function. Attending a retreat or even creating your own home retreat can help reset your brain and give the body the rest it needs to prepare for winter.

Navigating the Changes

In Ayurveda, "like" proliferates "like" and opposites create balance. Vata's airy, light constituents are pacified by the solid, immovable element of Earth. In many Eastern medicine traditions, Earth is linked to the stomach, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine to the spleen meridian lines. Nourishing your body with autumnal leafy greens like kale, cabbages, silver beets, and root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins aids to support proper nutrient absorption and adequate elimination. The right, seasonal foods ground and nurture all aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Yogically, we can focus on asanas that open the inner thighs, hips, stomach, throat, and sides of the body. Pranayama such as Nadi Shodhana

( alternative nostril breathing) helps to keep the mind stable and emotions in check.

Abhyanga ( skin-nourishing massage ), oil pulling, and dry brushing are also excellent resources to help keep Vata levels stable and sustain optimal health during Fall's drastic changes in weather.

Quiet time in nature, especially during sunlight hours can stabilize moods and stimulate an immune-boosting response in the body.

Most of all, allow your intuition to guide you. Meditation is a wonderful way to tune into what your body, mind, and heart need most. Fall is a time of retrospection and respite, so practices like Yoga Nidra or guided mindfulness meditation can also be very effective in restoring our innate homeostatic state.

I hope in these 30 days of Yoga and Ayurvedic practices together we can Fall into Place, just as we are, and find comfort and nourishment in our present situation. My hope is that sharing these Eastern-inspired self-care tools will serve as a guide for harmony and wellness through any season!

The goal of this challenge is to get you on your mat every day, this might look like a short Yoga class, meditation, or maybe just Savasana! You can pick and chose what resonates with you most on the day and will have access to all practices and info via links in the emails. Each day you will receive a little bit of "OM" directly in your inbox in the form of free Yogic practice, Ayurvedic recipe/tip, or journaling prompts to help you flow gracefully into Autumn.

** I also offer live, regular biweekly

Vinyasa Yoga classes at Portals de Yoga, in Portals Nous, Mallorca, Spain:

Every Tuesday and Thursday

9 am

15€ drop in

Useful tools for this challenge:

  • Yoga mat

  • Beach towel or Cozy blanket

  • 2 x Yoga blocks ( or heavy books)

  • A Yoga Strap

  • 1-2 Yoga Bolsters (or long-ish pillows and or 2 x Cushions)

  • Journal or notebook and pen

  • Spotify Optional : ( for Sharing Playlists)

  • Omlicious Essential Botanicals Autumn blends Collection ( Or any essential oil you like)

  • Eye pillow or Scarf

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