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Happy International Women's day!

Whether you are a mother, sister, wife, CEO, or all of the above, today we celebrate the many facets of female power!

In the Yogic tradition, the divine feminine force within us all is called "Shakti". Simply stated, it is universal life force that is responsible for creation, maintenance, and transformation on all planes of existence. Let's face it, without a women and her uterus, you couldn't be here reading this!

So how can we celebrate our own inner wellspring of Shakti? By empowering and supporting other women.

Female empowerment and equality begins within each of us. Many factors like radical religions, outdated cultural gender roles and ignorance promote the ongoing suppression of womens rights, and fuel violence towards women everywhere. Education and action is still very much needed. All women around the world deserve to be safe, equal, protected and respected. Let's channel our acknowledgment of female equality into advocacy this International Women's day. Below are a list of 5 charities that you can volunteer with or donate to, that help promote women's wellbeing, gender equality and womens rights.

Let's celebrate women everywhere by being a voice!

Women's Rights Charities

  • Malala Fund https://malala.orgWomen’s International League for Peace and Freedom

  • End Violence Against Women Without Violence

  • Global Rights for Women https://globalrightsforwomen.orgOrchid Project

  • Women for Women International

  • Hagar

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