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See the Super Flower Moon!

Eyes on the skies!

On the 15th of May 2022, the Super Scorpio Blood moon rises ( 20:23 ,CEST), inciting much needed breakdowns and breakthroughs. On its journey in orbit, it eclipses the Taurus sun in the early hours ( 3:00 am,CEST) of the 16th of May, invoking a deep conscious shift and some unexpected changes.

A Little bit about this magical Orb & the eclipse...

This next full Moon is often referred as the Flower Moon ( Native American) or Grass moon

( Anglo Saxon/European), due to the blooming of many flowers and grasses during this time. In the pagan tradition it is the start of Summer and new beginnings. In combination with the eclipse, it heralds some deep, spiritual transformational energy.

By definition, a Super Moon is most commonly defined as any full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at at least 90% of perigee (the Moon’s orbit point where it is closest to Earth). This month’s full Moon happens to coincide with a total lunar eclipse. When the Earth directly passes between the Moon and the Sun, the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon, causing a lunar eclipse. The term "Blood Moon", comes from reddish hue it takes on, when it is totally obscured by the Earth's shadow.

This Super Moon lands in the astrological sign of Scorpio and the Sun sign, Taurus. Both signs bring out emotional tenderness, sensuality and a staunch stubbornness. Emotions run high! Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which represents death and rebirth. This cycle is inevitable and resistance is futile. This moon invites us to explore our shadow side and face some raw, dark truths. Working through our own darkness can lead to much needed personal transformation. That means, admitting when we're wrong and respecting the opinions of others, even if we don't agree. It is an optimal time to shed what holds us back, so we can efficiently align to our true purpose. It calls us to explore what is truly meant for us and that which is not.

This Moon will stir up issues pertaining to trust, control, and power. Its ok to discover that you are not who you think you are. It can also help you discover who is on your team and who is not. Things are not what they seem, but perhaps that is for the better. Keep in mind, when one door closes, another opens.

Time to re-define! The impending eclipse, will reveal hidden agendas and perhaps some unpleasantries that need to be addressed. It is an optimal time to take stock of your life, face some hard facts and sieve through that which no longer serves. It beckons us to be open up and allow our own vulnerability to be a catalyst for self improvement. Humility and self awareness is a skill that will come in handy during personal conflicts and current business interactions.

Fixed sign Taurus is challenged to be receptive to new ideas and let go of stubborn pride. Taurus sun brings out our innate love of beauty and perfection. While it is no sin to like the finer things in life, beware and exercise prudence .The effect of this eclipse also illuminates the superficiality and hypocrisy at the end of that spectrum. Take it all in....the good, the bad, the ugly! It is all part of a bigger picture, like it or not.

Stay balanced, so exercising temperance is key. The earthy quality of Taurus reminds us to stabilise and be still. Do not to be tempted to make any spontaneous or rash decisions if a major shift occurs right now. Let everything flow at its own pace. Though eclipses usher in transitions, take your time. Deliberate action from a grounded foundation is the best move for an optimal outcome.

Jupiter moves into in fiery, motivated Aries, stimulating innovative ideas and exciting new ventures. Aries inspires wanderlust and curiosity of the unknown. Ideas and dreams lead to a powerful surge in personal growth, but proceed with caution. Keep it real! Are your ideals ethical and honest for all involved? Mercury retrograde can throw in a few discouraging curve balls and add in some confusion. Wait until the eclipse is over to make any life long decisions or binding declarations. Use your discernment and stay determined to achieve your goals. Positive changes are coming, but it can take some time before they materialise. Sometimes we need to breakdown before we breakthough!

Astronomical info:

15th May 2022:

Moon rise : 20;23 CEST

16th May 2022:

Eclipse Start: 3:32 am CEST

Peaks: 6:11 am CEST

Ends: 6:53 am CEST

Sweet dreams, Moonbeams!

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