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Vasant: Ayurvedic Spring Rituals

Winter's white blanket melts, giving way to longer days, blooming flowers and new life, signalling, Spring is here! As the seasons change, so do our bodies and our general day to day functioning. In Winter we crave warmth, hearty foods, more sleep and stillness, while in Summer our own primal instincts crave lighter foods, less sleep and more action. In order to maintain wellness through out Nature's cycles, we must also change the way we move through life's cycles. In Ayurveda, it is known as ,"Ritucharya", the root words ritu, meaning “season,” and charya, meaning “to follow.”

Each season has its own Ritucharya based on maintaining an equilibrium for well being.

Ritucharya is the term for the dietary, exercise and lifestyle regimens that are based on Earth's seasons, in order to maintain doshic balance. We are all born with a set Constitution or Prakruti, the embodiment of our own unique balance of doshas ( a combination of the primal five elements; earth, water , fire, ether, air). Our Vikruti is the natural fluctuation or imbalance of these elements that occurs though out our lives. These evolutionary imbalances occur circumstantially, with age, illness or due to environmental changes and often show up as physical symptoms, illness, mental issues and emotional instability.

Each season has its own Ritucharya based on maintaining an equilibrium for well being. Combined with your Prakruti and lifestyle, a regular regimen attuned to nature's rhythms, should be practiced daily to prevent disease and boost the immune system. Implementing a regular Dinacharya or Daily routine for each constitution according to the seasons, is the path to optimal health.

Spring or Vasant ( in Ayurvedic terms) is ruled by the Kapha dosha. Kapha embodies the many qualities of the elements of water and earth. Kapha can be dense, dull, heavy, like the earth or humid, wet, flowing or stagnant, like water. The lighter aspects of this dosha can also offer us the flow, translucence and the powerful energy of moving water, while its earthy counterpart is grounding , fertile, supportive, steady. All of these traits are especially emphasised energetically and physiologically during Springtime. They can manifest in the body as over production of mucous, colds, congestion, low digestive fire, waning metabolism, weight gain and water retention. Overabundant Kapha can make the mind, dull, slow to react and foggy-brained. Emotionally, it can make you feel stuck, uninspired, depressed and unmotivated.

In order to stabilise Kapha, we need to alter our diet, lifestyle choices and daily routine. There are a few simple changes we can practice and weave into our daily life to balance Kapha.

Below is a list or guideline of daily rituals you can practice daily to stay balanced, happy and healthy through Spring!

Kapha Pacifying Spring Rituals:

  • Wake up before Sunrise and go to bed early, at the same time each day.

  • Spend a few minutes awakening, stretch in bed, take long cleansing breaths.

  • Splash your face, eyes and rinse your mouth with cool water.

  • Eliminate, clear the bowels first thing in the morning *if thats natural for you.

  • Scrape your Tongue, Oil Pull with one TBLSP Organic coconut oil, for 15 minutes, brush your teeth afterward.

  • Sweat! Move, stretch, do a few minutes of invigorating Vinyasa or PowerYoga. Morning walks and runs are greta to get Kapha out of the body. Try Bhastrika ( Bellow's Breath) or Nadi Shodhana ( Alt nostril breath) pranayama.

  • Meditate, journal, set an intention for your day.

  • Two to 3 times weekly , dry brush your body and practice Abhyanga ( use Sesame or Almond oil).

  • Have a warm shower/bath followed by a final cold rinse to stimulate lymphatic flush!

  • Spice up your meals! Add warming chillis, Cayenne, Ginger, Turmeric, Asafoetida. stay away from salty, sour or sugary foods.

  • Clear & clean your space, "Spring cleaning" is not Cliche, it is a must! When we make clean and discard the old, we facilitate a path for new energies and opportunities to manifest in our lives. Do this in your home, body, mind and aura too! Eliminate toxic people and habits.

  • Buy flowers or a houseplant! Bring the beauty of nature indoors. They will clean the air and uplift the energy in your dwelling.

  • Make Lunch your main meal of the day, eat light dinners with plenty of greens.

  • Eat meals at the same time everyday, create a consistent eating routine to avoid overeating and snacking.

  • Take time for adequate breaks but do not over indulge in naps or sleep. Set a timer.

  • Get outdoors! the power of sunlight and fresh air does wonders.

  • Try something new! Broaden your boundaries and your horizons, learn a new language, join a hiking group, try cooking a new recipe or get a haircut!

  • Create a night time routine and pre- set your alarm so you do not oversleep in the mornings. Night routine example: Two hours prior to bed, drink a soothing tea ( like Fennel and lavender, *maybe add Ashwagandha), dim the lights, disconnect blue screens and social media,- cut out stimulation; take a warm bath/shower; do light stretches, give yourself a soothing foot massage with oils ( *Like Omlicious Botanical Essentials Dreamy Clouds or Lucidity blend with lavender, chamomile and Jatamansi essential oils); try a Yoga Nidra guided sleep meditation and snoooze away..zzzzzz

May Spring 2021 sprout seeds of hope, health and new opportunities for you! May bliss bloom in

your life.


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