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A Honey Moon in Sagittarius

This lunation in Sagittarius reveals truth, magic and

This 14th of June, keep your eyes on the sky for this radiant, full Sagittarius Honey moon!

June Moon Mythology & Tradition

This Super moon is often called the "Honey moon" or "Mead moon". It gets its moniker from the European and Celtic traditions based on Summer's early harvest time. Since ancient times, June is traditionally a time for honey harvesting and mead making. June full moons are an auspicious time for Marriage rites and hand-fasting rituals. Honey and mead are often gifted to couples to bring them fertility and abundance.

Astrologically : The Full Moon in the Sign of The Archer

Sagittarius is the Philosopher and perpeptual student of the Zodiac. It represents the "higher mind" or subconsciousness/ higher self. Their quest for knowledge and new discovery is unquenchable. Sag pursues truth, even to the point of being brutally honest. Not intentionally harsh, free spirited Sagittarius simply doesn't linger in conflicting emotions but rather brushes it off and moves on. Spritely Sag optimistically concludes that there is a lesson to be learned in every conflict and faithfully makes the most out of any situation. The Archer brings it's elements of innate positivity, adventure and action to this full moon. It is the "go-getter" of the Zodiac signs, who prefers to maximise the present moment, and savour life as it unfolds.

Its not you. it's me!

Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon can stir up some conflicting emotions. Gemini represents the "lower mind" (the conscious, logical mind) and sometimes can be fixed in their thoughts or beliefs. Saying that, they can also suddenly change their minds and have trouble making decisions. Sagittarius is more an intuit and goes with the flow in full confidence of his/her choices.. You might feel conflicted between your emotions, and your actions right now. It is not an ideal moon for making major commitments or decisions. Its a great moon for self study and cultivating an open mind. Some dark secrets will revealed, it is best to observe the truth with an open mind. Gemini is a chatty sign and great communicator, but beware of it's darker side. Refrain from gossip and use words wisely.

This lunation illuminates many interesting revelations, but make sure you get the story straight! Moon square Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, can enhance one's version of reality. Pisces, in its home planet of Neptune, enhances our dreams, intuition and increases creativity in our lives. A little fantasy cultivates hope and inspires us with the creativity needed to achieve our goals, but stay grounded. The key is to find a balance between truth and illusion, in order to stay equally inspired and productive in life.

The sweet moonbeams tonight will also reveal a hidden admirer and might even spark an unexpected romance that will blossom in the next few days. Pisces, ruler of the Sacral chakra, invites us to soften and surrender in the parts of our lives that need more ease and flow. Say "yes" more! Surprise yourself and try something new. Releasing fixed expectations is not settling for less, but rather being open to more! Welcome the unexpected, it might be what your have been looking for all along. Sensuality and passion will be heightened, so be open to more exploring in the bedroom too!

Advice & Offerings

Seek your truth, take time to get to know yourself but refrain from harsh self judgments. Ask yourself, "Are my words and actions aligned with truth, kindness and do they serve a greater purpose?"

In these next few days, be open and carefree with plans, but beware not to be careless! Be easy about expectations and open to sudden change, it may just be exactly what you need. Find balance between truth and fantasy. Dream, create, envision, but don't be too attached to the outcomes. Be mindful in your intentions, actions and words.

Take time to rest and savour the little things. Curl up with a good book, eat a piece of delicious, dark chocolate, or go for a swim in the sea, under the stars. Sagittarius loves a little self indulgence. Most of all, allow yourself to just be! Different full moons and astrological energies are unique to each person. Some might feel a surge of energy during this full moon, while others are called to rest and reset, no judgement either way. Wherever you are, soak up the moonbeams and enjoy the full moon magic!

Corresponding Crystals

Blue Topaz: ( Sagittarius's birthstone) enhances self-realisation, increases spirituality, helps resolve problems with grace, helps to reveal truth, facilitates self expression.

Atacamite: Helps you connect to your spirit guides and increases intuition.

Black Obsidian: Grounds and protects your energy.

Citrine: Attracts positive energy and higher frequencies. Invokes joy & motivation.

Rutliated quartz: Helps balance your energy.

Rainbow moonstone: Facilitates unexpected change, healing and new beginnings.

Journalling & Self Inquiry

  • Are you honest with yourself and others?

  • Where can you soften in your life? Where or can you take more breaks and have less fixed expectations?

  • Practice self care: Have a soothing bath, cook yourself a healthy meal, exercise, or chat with a friend who uplifts you.

  • Try a daily 15 minute meditation or a yoga class that aligns with your goals and vision

Happy Full Honey Moon!

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