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Bloom in the Full Flower Moon!

Open yourself to sensuality, self discovery, and freedom.

This Flower Moon in Scorpio is the first Lunar eclipse of 2023, ending the heavy, dark energetic cycle that swept through, shaking things up this past October 2022. The last six months have been a time of profound transitions on a global scale, and now we are reaching the other side of that evolution. Just as new moons bring in new cycles and vibrations, full moons represent completion and reflection. We can leave the past behind and move forward with ease. This eclipse of the full moon in Scorpio rises during the peak of springtime and has much up her sleeve. Apart from endings and reflection, this moon also inspires sensuality, self discovery and a refreshing new perspective. Spring encourages Scorpio's furtive nature to reveal a few fun, juicy secrets that spark exciting, unexpected encounters under the Taurean sun!

Fun facts about this Lunation:

The Flower Moon derives its name from the native Canadian Algonquin people that observed the synchronous blooming of wildflowers and medicine plants during this time. This full moon rises at the peak of spring here in the northern hemishpere, as the snow melts and gives way to sprouting plants and flowers, signalling rebirth. In other cultural traditions, it can also be referred to as the hare moon, corn planting moon or milk moon. It is mostly known as the moon that promises new growth and fresh ideas.

The lunar eclipse at 19:34, ( Madrid time) moves the moon 14 degrees into Scorpio, the last time a lunar eclipse will occur in this sign until 2031! It may be hard to see from Europe but don't miss out on a night of stargazing in the back garden or plan a visit your local observatory to catch a glance at this rare event. This will be a penumbral lunar eclipse ( a lunar eclipse that occurs when Earth blocks most of the sun's rays from fully illuminating the moon, substantially shadowing the moon, is also known as penumbra).

Astrologically Speaking...

Dreamy and relaxed Taurus sun takes a backseat to sensual, frisky Scorpio...but not for long! Though they share similar traits, unfortunately, stubbornness is one of them! Opposing Scorpio moon ignites deep passions and unresolved emotions in practical Taurus sun. Scorpio is wild and untamed, while Taurus prefers safety and tradition. The heart and head will be in constant opposition, but both will have valid points. Consciously observe any situation before taking action.

Balance in all matters is key.

The wild and sensual dark nature of Scorpio can persuade conservative Taurus to let go and reveal its shadow side. When we embrace ourselves fully, we discover who we truly are and what we want out of life. Knowledge is freedom. Its important to breakway from the day to day and go wild sometimes! Allow yourself the liberty to savour the present moment without any fixed future expectations but keep it real. Grounding Taurus energy will bring the sometimes dramatic, capricious, out there Scorpio vibe back down to Earth. Whatever happens, don't take things too seriously! New and more exciting things are on the horizon, so keep your heart light.

This moon is destined to be reactionary and emotional, as the residue from the deeply cathartic, release that occurred six months prior is still being purged away. Scorpio's frequency is openly expressive, and emotionally charged which calls for a bit of restraint but also encourages deeper intimacy in current relationships. Casual relationships may bloom or doom at this time. Time to put your cards on the table and set the elephant in the room free! Discussing taboos and working with our shadow side is crucial in order to thrive in genuine and honest relationships. There will also be some playful and fun energy arising from the revealing of hidden or forbidden thoughts and unspoken desires. Revelations from a once reticent partner or potential love interest can pleasantly surprise you and possible spice things up! Some personal time for self-experimentation with your own repressed desires can set you on the path for some wild adventures too. Be open and accepting but keep one foot on the ground. Its about mapping new experiences but not getting lost!

The Flower Moon peaks this Friday, Venus's day! Venus inclines us towards pleasure, beauty, love and sensuality. Spend the night relaxing with someone you love over a romantic, candlelight dinner or plan an erotic date night in (include chocolate). Flying solo? Book yourself a relaxing massage ora facial to refresh your energy. On a more sensual level, you can draw yourself a warm, herbal bath and perhaps experiment with using a Yoni egg to explore your own inner passion. Not so daring? Grab a glass of wine and curl up with an erotic novel like Lady Chatterly's Lover or The Diary of Anais Nin. Wherever you are, allow yourself to blossom into your own true, unapologetic desires and celebrate your sacred sexual nature. Its an ideal time to release any toxic patterns of shame or undeserved guilt.

However you choose to experience this lunar eclipse, be open to releasing what no longer serves and accepting what is. Don't hold back your true feelings or hold on to toxic people, things or memories that dull your shine. Rebirth yourself! Just like the eclipse, allow any residual dark frequencies to pass through you and step back into the light. Eclipses serve as powerful omens for rare and unprecedented events that usually change history. Good fortune is on the way. You may be getting some good news in these next few days, like an unexpected promotion, a run in with a former flame or a maybe check in the mail! The future is bright! Expect growth, new opportunities and pleasant surprises.

Affrimation for this lunation:

"I am Blooming and Growing"

"I have a right to totally,unapologetically release and receive"

Flower Moon Dieties, Crystals & Herbs:

  • Scorpio's sultry nature and Taurus's love of beauty correspond to the Goddess of erotic love, Radha. Place an image of Radha on your altar or bedside to invoke love and erotic sensuality.

  • Crystals: Rose quartz (love), Rhodonite (self love), Clear quartz (light), Malachite (fertility) Obsidian (accepting our shadow side)

  • Herbs & Flowers: Shatavari, Damiana, Jasmine (* all have aphrodisiacal and euphoric qualities)

Flower Moon Eclipse Ritual Ideas:

  • Buy fresh flowers and make your space inviting and cozy with crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite or clear quartz. Fluff up cushions, add a wolly throw to your sofa and dim the lights.

  • Smudge your space to clear out stagnant energy.

  • Light some red candles around your home and turn off all devices.

  • Enjoy a soothing, moisturising, sensual bath. Light some red and white candles in your bathroom, turn down or turn off the lights, turn off your phone! Place a piece of Rose quartz in your tub to imbue the water with love. Fill your bath with warm water to a comfortable temperature and add in one cup of coconut milk, rose petals, geranium petals, and jasmine essential oil *or ALT> diffuse your favourite floral e.o. if you have sensitive skin. Soak and enjoy!

  • Book a relaxing massage, beauty treatment or get a haircut.

  • Plan a candlelit dinner and/or an erotic night in with your lover.

  • Place an image of Radha on your altar or bedside. Adorn it with Roses or Jasmine flowers, place next to them some Rose quartz, Rhodonite, or Malachite crystals to invoke sensuality, love and shamefree, sexual freedom.

  • Make a Love potion or my magickal Cheeky Chocolate truffles! See recipes in blog or for a potion, see below...

Flower Moon Love Potion:

You'll Need:

Sparkling water, Champagne or wine

40 ml Damiana or Shatavari tincture

2 x Wine/Champagne glasses

Elderberry syrup

Raspberries or Strawberries

Edible grade Rose, Geranium or any flower petals you like


Take a moment to sit comfortably, close your eyes and settle into your body. Place your left hand on your heart and right hand on your lower stomach and take 6 long, meditative breaths. Feel the belly rise and fall breathing deeply into your hands on the inhale. Feel a sense of fullness and peace. Bring to mind a moment in your life when you felt deep love and joy. Sit for a few minutes with it. Hold on to that feeling as you open your eyes. With an intention of love, make the potion!


For those coming into Summer: (N. HEMI)

In 2 wine glasses or champagne flutes, pour into each, a serving of Champagne or Sparkling water. In each glass, stir in 1 tsp of Elderberry syrup, 20 ml of either Damiana or Shatavari tincture per glass, then top with raspberries and a sprinkle of edible Geranium or flower petals. Go sip under the moonlight with your love!

For those Coming into Winter and that prefer something warming: (S. HEMI)

Heat things up with my Vegan Creamy Dreamspice Hot Cocoa

Try my Creamy Dreamspice Vegan hot Cocoa recipe as is, or make your own favourite version. Stir in the 20ml drops of Damina and Shatavari per cup. You can add a Vegan version of Bailey's Irish cream drink if you wish. Garnish with my vegan whipped cream topping and sprinkle with cinnamon! Enjoy under the moon with your love!

**before taking any herbs, please check with your doctor or a trained herbalist.

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