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Super Rare Hybrid Eclipse with the Sun and New moon in Aries

What lessons does Aries offer us this week?

On the 20th of April 2023, the new moon glides into Aries. This marks the second new moon in Aries of the year, with the first taking place on March 21st , a rare event indeed. This repeat astrological lunar position invites us to re-examine the intentions, thoughts and visions we had during the last new moon and how we have put them into action. Fiery Aries takes no prisoners, so any intentions we had in the last new moon that related to cleansing, purging and radical changes will happen with or without our efforts. It is time to make space! Just like the natural cycles of death and birth intricately sustain life on this planet, we must release what is gone and accept what is to come. Time to move on!

Solar eclipses represent fresh starts, and Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, imbues the passion and forthright energy we need to move forward. Pluto, planet of death and endings, is square the sun and moon in Aries, which may re-awaken the dynamics in difficult relationships, bad habits and patterns we now need to let go of. Mars in Cancer may amplify highly charged emotions that may dampen our assertion. Find clarity before you speak your truth and choose words carefully, yet do not compromise your stance. Chiron, the wounded healer, and emotionally charged Mars in Cancer trigger past, deep wounds and unresolved trauma. Healing is a process. We can move on without revisiting the pain of past days. Those days are done, and you now have the power to start again with every new dawn. It can be wise to take a pause or even a small sabbatical to re-evaluate your own needs and recharge your energy. Even a short meditative walk, yoga class or time spent journalling can help strengthen your resolve to finally release any blocks that impede your personal progress and feel more refreshed.

Don't get discouraged by major setbacks or failed projects this week. Mercury goes into retrograde in Taurus on the 21st of April. There is much to be learned from failure and perhaps it will even clear the path towards something once considered unattainable, that you have been needing for sometime. Don't let the immovable force of Taurus in this retrograde keep you grounded. Use any misgivings or break downs from this retrograde to figure out what can make you fly free! Observe what works and what doesn't, just as you observe what you can work with and what you can not. Set new boundaries. It's also a great time for Svadhyaya, or self study. Observe your intentions and actions during upcoming moments of challenge or conflict. Does your behaviour hinder or help? How can you sift your intentions, speech, or actions to better serve others and your own goals?

Aries Moon and Sun are a great time for re-creation. This solar eclipse is the optimal opportunity for a deep spiritual self cleanse. Take the time to make more space. Release is the key to renewal. A kind reminder that your past does not define you, but rather helps shape your personal evolution. We can use old wounds as lessons in healing on how to rebuild a new life in harmony. While time waits for no one, it is wise to pause and plan before action. While planning is wise, don't get attached to any set ideas. Move through changes with grace by expecting the unexpected. The takeaway here is cleanse, make space for things to flow and allow yourself to move forward!

Happy Eclipse!

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