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A little heart goes a long way..

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The Power of the Heart May 15, 2018

   Everyday the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck as far as 20 miles. In the average lifetime, that equals the distance to the moon and back! So the old adage, "love you to the moon and back" ,  is the same as saying you will love that person with every drop of blood your heart pumps in your lifetime. The heart is our centre, our core. In the Hindu Tantric tradition of the Chakras, it is also referred to as the Anahata, "unstruck or "un-beaten". It's vibration is unprovoked and it's electricity begins during the divine process of conception.      It is a pure and primal vibration that controls our very life force.  A well balanced heart Chakra can help us create a healthy, emotionally stable life. When we are the master of our emotions, we can operate rationally and clearly, attracting that same positive frequency to surround us. An open heart also helps us be more compassionate, loving and adaptable through the many challenges life throws at us. The heart chakra ties together the lower and upper chakras and creates a sense of balance in our being.

Below are some fun facts about this glowing green gem called Anahata. It is the Chakra where loving kindness or Metta radiates from. The Anahata (Unstruck)

  • Mantra: Yam

  • Mudra : Anjali

  • Meaning: Unstruck, unhurt

  • Colour: Green

  • Yantra: 6 pointed star made by 2 triangles merging (Triangle pointed up represents Shiva male energy and triangle pointed down represents Shakti female energy)

  • Lotus: 12 Vermillion coloured petals

  • Element: Air (light, free, uncontained)

  • Purpose: Pure love, feeling of unity, dissolving Ego and separateness, symbiosis of duality

  • Emotional: Unconditional love, Sharing, compassion, openness, forgiveness

  • Body parts: Heart, circulatory system, chest, lungs, diaphragm, ribs, shoulder blades, respiratory system, skin, hands, The sensation of touch

  • Animal: Antelope or deer. Directly represents the heart, as it is restless, it leaps up with joy, it is lively and it is captured by reflections or mirages, images that delight.

  • Excessive: Desperate for love, clingy, co-dependant, low self esteem, fear of being alone, overly self less to the point of self harm

  • Deficient: Closed heart, fear of intimacy, judgmental, defensive, selfish

  • Balanced: Joyful, radiant, loving, friendly, open, expansive, forgiving, secure, generous

  • Yoga Asanas: Bhakti Yoga (devotional), Meditating on and practicing forgiveness, empathy, generosity.  Pranayama : Kapalabhati. Chest and shoulder openers: Chakrasana (backbend), Ustrasana (camel), Dha (bow pose), Bhujangasana (cobra)

  • Stones/ Crystals: Rose quartz (brings love to us), Aventurine, Jade, Emerald (balances spiritual part of love), Peridot and Malachite (release blocked energy)

  • Aromatherapy: Rose (healing), Neroli (strengthens heartbeat), Melissa (soothing), Marjoram (restores self love), Helichrysum (heals old wounds on skin and also on deep emotional level), Rosemary (awakening), Lemon (inspiring), Eucalyptus, Jasmine.

  • Feminine aspect/ Yin: Nuturing, giving, joining, connecting

  • Masculine aspect/ Yang: Protective, Supportive, guiding, security

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