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Magical Full Moon Water

Feel like your projects or ideas need a boost of creativity and natural intuition? Want to enhance your dreams to create a greater vision or need an answer to a pressing question? Looking to attract more love, abundance or protect what you already have? Just add a little Moon water!

Full moon water gathers the magical ingredients of the divine feminine influencial energy of moon. The moon represents our dreams, visions, creative force and the esoteric, mysteries of life. Moonlight is the reflection of the sun's rays, repectively Yin to Yang. Moon power creates balance and reflects both the energies of dreaming and completing a goal. The sun supplies our drive and motivation to do things, where as the moon can show us hidden blocks, obstacles or even tools that can be the secret ingredient we need to facilitate manifestation.

Making your own full moon water is easy and when infused wth crystals, enhances the potentional outcome of your desires. It can be drunk by itself or added to drinks, you can use it for bathing, in cleaning, in sprays, add it to cosmetics or lotions, or use it in ritual work. Moon water activates the subtle energies and quality of the element water. inducing more flow, clarity and nourishment to our Aura.

Below is a simple method on how to make your own moon water.

You'll Need:

A clear, sterilised glass bottle with a lid or ( Omlicious Elixir Crystal bottle™⟩
  • Filtered water

  • Your favourite Crystal

  • A piece of paper and pen

  • A lighter and fire safe bowl or fireplace

  • White candle

  • Sage or Palo Santo Stick ( incense works too!)

To Make:

Gather your supplies and light your white candle. Clear the air by burning your Palo Santo, incense or smudge wand. Find a comfortable seat and take your time to settle into your body. Meditate on the flame of the candle and allow your day to dissolve into the background. Hold your desired crystal in your left hand to charge it with your energy, as you take ten long, even breaths.

Write down your desired intention ( EX: Protection, Abundance, Health) on the paper and fold 4 times, towards yourself.

Fill the water bottle, keeping your intention in your mind's eye. Rub the crystal on both sides of the paper and imagine it activating your words. Place the Crystal in the water ( always check if it's water safe!) or I like to use Omlicious Botanicals Crystal Elixir Water bottles ( on sale, that comes with a safe, watertight compartment for your crystal. Place the water bottle under direct moonlight or near a moonlit window. If you can't see the mooonlight, no worries! The subtle energies of the moon will still blanket any space on earth below it. Leave it there until the morning.

Meanwhile, take your intention paper and burn it in a safe , fire proof pot, bowl, sink or throw into a fireplace. Visualise your intention being released into the universe. Take a moment to feel what it would be like to already have your desired goal completed. Open your eyes, it is done!

In the morning, you will have your magical moon water!

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