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Full Moon, Full Forgiveness

The Blood moon is rising!

As scary as that may sound, don't be put off, it is actually a healing moon. Time to clear and cleanse away any "Bad Blood" in your current or past relationships. These moonbeams will shine down into the darkness of your own unforgiveness, prejudice and deep inner conflicts, beckoning you to let them all go! As this year comes to a close, you must ask yourself what you want to take with you as you move ahead. Don't give anger and hate space.

Pack light, get free!

Release, don't resist, let go!

Below is a simple, easy ritual that can help you let go of angst and move on from any difficult situation or unresolved spite. All the materials are easily sourced, the main ingredient is forgiveness!

Full Blood Moon Ritual for Forgiveness:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit, light a white candle and grab a pen and paper.

  2. Write a letter to someone you feel has wronged you or simply write the name of person or a painful event that has caused you harm.

  3. Let it all out, write it from the heart. If writing a letter, be clear and honest.

  4. Take a moment to feel all the feelings that may come up. Note how those feelings manifest in your body and where.

  5. Focus on where you feel pain, tightness or tension in your body when you think of this person or event.

  6. Take 10 deep, cleansing breaths: Visualise the inhale bringing fresh, healing, white light into those areas . Allow the exhale to be like broom, sweeping away all the tension, negativity or holding in those areas. Visualise the breath increasingly creating more space and light in those areas. Release any angst, anger or highly charged emotions associated with the event or person. Make a resolution to let it go!

  7. Fold the paper up into a small square and using a pair of fire proof tongs, hold the paper into the candle flame and allow it to burn completely. Visualise the pain, sorrow, anger etc. you feel burning away. *You can do this over a sink or in a fire proof bowl with a bit of water in the bottom to prevent a fire or getting burned.

  8. Throw the ashes far away from your home, on a crossroads or simply flush the ashes down the toilet.

  9. Sage smudge your space or diffuse rosemary, sage and mint essential oils.

  10. Take a relaxing bath with your favourite bath salts or use Omlicious Botanical Essentials ™ Cleanse Rosemary body scrub and as you rinse your body, visualise any negative energy in or around you being washed away.

  11. Place a Morganite stone, the "forgiveness" crystal, near your bed and sleep in the stream of incoming moonbeams if possible. Rest and restore.

  12. Enjoy your inner peace!

* Alternatively, you can use Chrysoprase, Howlite or Smokey quartz in place of Morganite.

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