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Full Moon Magic

Full Moon Magic June 5, 2018 |

   The  ethereal, supernatural power of the full moon has been revered and ritualised for centuries. Although it does have a magic side, we can scientifically see its effects on plants, animals and nature all around us.  It wields the tides in the sea, just as it churns the tides in our bodies. Since we are made of roughly 75% water, we are truly moved by it. Our bodies respond to it's vibration when it is at it's highest waxing point.  While a new moon is an ideal time for cleansing the body, mind and soul, the full moon  enhances all the energies present around us. It is a culmination of all the awareness and energy that we have been cultivating. Below are a few mini rituals we can do to facilitate the release of stagnant energies and help manifest the new, vibrant energies that are evolving around us.  Full Moon Rituals

  • Burn Palo Santo, Sage or Sandalwood to clear your space and  bring in positive vibes

  • Bathe in the Sea under the moonlight if possible, this charges the 2nd chakra and soothes the central nervous system.

  • Drink Sage leaf tea and/or Bathe in Sage infused Bath to cleanse and strengthen the Aura 

  • Soak Crystals and gemstones in the Sea or in Clear bowls of Salted ( non iodised) spring water. Let them soak overnight in the Salt water directly in the moonlight if possible, this clears and charges them. 

  • Journal or write down a dream or goal you want to manifest and visualise  yourself already having it. 

  • Meditate under the moonlight if possible, or near a window where the moon beams glow. Release any negative thoughts or tension. Focus on the positive things you want to bring into your life.

  •  Do a gentle Asana practice or a few rounds of Chandra namaskar using Ujjayi breathing,. Try gentle hip openers, twists and forward bends, followed by Yoga Nidra to enhance restful sleep 

  •  In 5 to 10ml warm sesame oil blend in 4 drops of Jatamansi and rub blend into soles of feet before bed for lucid dreams and facilitating the process of  lingering thoughts and residual energy from the day.

  The frequency of the full moon can be intense. Any form of creativity such as drawing, writing, dancing or even just listening to pleasant music is great to calm and channel the energy it brings. Enjoy the sweet moon beams washing down on your body and let you're third eye absorb all their silvery goodness! Let the beauty of your dreams become manifest by putting them out into the universe! Journaling, Singing, and meditating on your goals is especially a good idea during this time. Remember there is no limit to your dreams, don't worry about how they will become reality, just let your dream mind set flow! Anything is possible, as long as you believe with all your heart!  Sweet dreams. Namaste

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