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The Falling away

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

 There is a reason we refer to Autumn as "Fall"     Autumn is the time when Mother Nature sheds her Summer skin. The  temperatures drop, days become shorter and trees go bare, giving way to Winter's Snowy, velvety cloak. All that is old falls away in preparation for her silent, cold slumber from which renewal will once again sprout.  This is how she shows us how beautiful it is to let go and allow space for new, vibrant experiences to grace our lives. This is an inescapable process the Earth must go through in order to sustain life. We must also transition and let go of what no longer serves us to thrive in our many seasons of life.  Just as the Leaves on the boughs of trees fall away, So let us fall away from...

  • Bad habits and patterns that harm us

  • Negative Self talk

  • Toxic Relationships and surroundings

  • Operating in fear and worry

  • Not getting enough sleep or rest

  • Not exercising or practicing self care

  • Making bad food choices

  • Holding on to old traumas and painful experiences

  • Not forgiving

  • Judging others

Let us then gather up all of the loving kindness, compassion and grace that remains, to move forward into the future with hopeful ,open hearts. I Hope your Harvest is Magical!

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