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Halloween Spicy and Spooky Essential oil blends

Spicy and Spooky Essential oil brews for Halloween! October 31, 2020 Happy Halloween!!   Here are a few Essential oil blends you can mix with organic Almond oil or the carrier oil of your choice for a Spicy Samhain! Perfect to pour in a 10ml Roller bottle. Witches Broom: 3 drops of white Sage 3 drops of Eucaplytus Globalus 2 drops Petit Grain 2 drops of Arborvitae High Spirits  2 drops Peppermint 2 drops Geranium 3 drops Bergamot 2 Drops of Blue Eucalyptus Candy Corn 1 drop Frankincense 2 drops Cinnamon 2 drops Sweet Orange Pumpkin spice  2 drops Cardamom 2 drops Cinnamon 2 drops Ginger 2 drops Clove Bud 2 drops Nutmeg (Test patch on skin as Clove and ginger may be irritating to sensitive skin. Only use on pulse and for inhalation)

For a Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend 

20 drops organic cinnamon essential oil 20 drops organic ginger essential oil 20 drops organic nutmeg essential oil 15 drops organic clove bud essential oil 5 drops organic cardamom essential oil

USE : 5-10 drops of the blend in a diffusor (150ml capacity works well)

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