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Harvest Moon Magic

The Full Harvest moon is named as such because, in the days that approach the autumn equinox, moonrise always occurs much earlier. The farmers harvesting in the fields can see the moon high in the sky, at the same time as the sun. This phenomenon can produce the ideal conditions for harvesting a variety of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers( notably for making certain essential oils). This extended moon time encourages certain plants to yield a higher concentration of their life force, in the form of nutrients and essential oils.

In ancient times, the Harvest moon was a sacred event and signalled a moment of respite to celebrate the last fruits of summer before the cold, dark winter set in. There is much myth, magic and tradition associated with the Harvest moon. It has always been a time for honouring our ancestors and the earth. It stirs a sense of gratitude and remembrance for things past while beckoning us to allow what no longer serves to fall away, This luminous orb also magically heightens intuition, lucid dreams, and inspires creativity.

Things to do on a Harvest Moon:

  • Purge and organise your dwelling space: Clear out anything that is old, broken or no longer in use

  • Sweep your front porch, the floor in your home and clear your countertops to bring in fresh energy

  • Enjoy a spicy cup of Chai tea

  • Have a moonlight skinny dip

  • Indulge in a candlelit bubble bath or Soak in soothing Epsom salts

  • Sit outside under the moonbeams ( charge your crystals!)

  • Journal

  • Write down ten things you are grateful for

  • Meditate

  • Do gentle restorative Yoga

  • Get creative: Dance, paint, sing, try cooking a new dish.

  • Gather with friends around a bonfire for dinner or host a potluck

Harvest Self Care Recipes & Rituals

Aromatic Pumpkin spice Diffuser Blend:

This blend fills your senses and space with the cozy and warming spices that invoke the Fall spirit. Ayurvedically, it is Vata pacifying and soothes a busy, scattered mind.

Cozy Pumpkin Spice diffuser blend:

In a diffuser add:

  • 4 drops Cardamom

  • 2 drops Sweet Orange

  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark

  • 1 drop Clove

  • 1 drop Ginger

Make Magic Moon water:

Take a clean glass bottle, fill it with spring or filtered water and place your favourite crystals around it. Grab a sharpie marker and write a positive intention directly on the outside of the bottle ( ex: Health, Joy, Inspiration, etc) or write on a post-it or sticky label and adhere to the bottle. Bless the water with good intentions and wishes. Leave it in direct moonlight overnight.

Drink the next day and Enjoy!

Mystic Moon Relaxing Bath

On the evening of the full moon, set aside some uninterrupted private time for yourself. Turn your lights down low, turn off electronic devices and light some orange candles (votives will do) around your space. Feel free to play soft, pleasant music, then light a few more orange candles in your bathroom and draw yourself a warm bath. Place a handful each of organic, pesticide-free, food-grade:

· Rose petals

· Lavender flowers

· Sage leaves/flowers

· Rosemary sprigs/flowers (**omit if pregnant)

· 2 Cups Epsom salts

Soak in the tub for as long as you like and give yourself permission to release and relax. After the bath, pat yourself dry with a gentle towel, mist your whole body with Omlicious Botanicals Crystal Clear™ Sage spritz or Feeling Rosy™ Rose mist.

*Alternatively: for a bubble bath, skip the salts & add 5-20 drops of Omlicious Botanical Essentials' Mystic Moon or Heart Blend into 3 to 4 cap fulls of Dr Bronner’s Castile soap (scent-free) or any liquid Castile soap. Stir together and pour under running water.

No bath? No worries! You can boil all the floral ingredients above together like a tea, allow to cool some, then strain. Use the flower water after a shower to rinse your body, as you visualize negative energy being washed away!

Sweet dreams, Moonbeams!

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