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Healing for heartache

Herbal Heartbreak Recovery

At some point or other we have, or will, experience heartache and grief. While we all deal with our emotions and matters of the heart differently, it is never easy to move through grief. While we must let time do it's part in our healing process, we can ease the pain by taking time our for some holistic self care.    Essential oils are known to heal, rejuvenate and calm the mind and spirit by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. They work directly on the limbic system and hippocampus  (the parts of the brain that form memories and their associated emotions). They can actually stimulate the body to create and release Serotonin and Dopamine ( the feel good hormones). Oils such as Rose Absolute, Geranium, Lavender and lemon, have been scientifically proven to improve one's mood.     These vital plant essences also work on a deep energetic level in our subtle bodies.  When we breathe in or topically use these oils on our pulse points, we intake the very Prana ( energy) of the plant. Each plant synergistically works with our own energy to help us recover and restore our emotional, physical and mental well being. Helichrysum and Rose Absolut  are well known for helping one recover from grief and loss. Helichrysum is also scientifically proven to help mend scars on the skin and works on a profoundly spiritual level to clear the negative, residual energies left behind by trauma. Rubbing a few drops of Jatamansi  (Nepalese spikenard) mixed in a carrier oil,  is wonderful for dispelling nightmares and creating lucid, sweet dreams. Eucalyptus is uplifting, dissolves fear and encourages mental clarity. Bergamot lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and  promotes self love. Frankincense is also good for calming anxiety caused by a frazzled mind. Diffusing these oils is the best way to take in the most of what these botanical healers have to offer, although topical use has many benefits too.    Another adjunct to essential oils is taking herbal tinctures for tranquility. Milky oat seed ( Avena Sattiva) is a wonderful nervine tonic for emotional and mental balance, and has no side effects, so it can be taken anytime and also with other medications. St John's Wort is great for easing depression, but is photosensitive, so make sure to cover up when you are outdoors or in full sunlight. Passion flower, Hops and Valerian are also very good for getting better sleep and soothing an agitated mind. Ask a naturopath or herbalist for advice if you are new to plant medicine and always check with your doctor if you are currently on any medications.   Allow yourself time to repose in quietude and get plenty of rest. It is also important to allow yourself healthy distractions, such as ringing a trusted friend, meeting friends for coffee or lunch, or even just a short stroll in nature.  Prayer, meditation or yoga can also relieve the restlessness associated with heartbreak.   Below are a list of my "go to" essential oils to uplift, calm and nourish  the heart Chakra. I will be discussing these oils and more, in detail at my Essential oils for Chakras workshops here in Mallorca in November and December 2018. Check our events page for details coming soon! Love and light. Light Heart Blend: Start with a 10ml Amber glass bottle with Roller top. Fill halfway with your favourite carrier oil and add: 2 drops Rose Absolute oil 3 drops Helichrysum oil 2 drop Geranium oil Top off with the carrier oil, pop the roller top on securely Roll the bottle between your palms to stir.( do not shake!) Roll onto pulse points, heart space and directly inhale. Heart  Chakra nourishing E.O's:

  • Rose absolut

  • Helichrysum

  • Geranium

  • Bergamot

  • Lemon

  • Eucalyptus Globalus

  • Peppermint

  • Lavender

  • Frankincense

  • Palo Santo

  • Jatamansi

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Patchouli

Try a Heart nourishing ritual.

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