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Magical Full Moon in Leo invite us to bloom!

This glittery full Snow moon brings boldness and action. Every step of any journey begins with taking one step forward. The powerful Leo moon beckons us to step into the fullness of our own power. We can easily commit to a job, relationship or lifestyle, but often can't commit to ourselves. Self commitment is the key factor to success. Are you empowering yourself with the tools you need to succeed? Are you fully supporting your true purpose in order to achieve your goals? The sun in Aquarius inspires us with great ideas and imagination, but Leo's fire is here to get things done! This shimmery golden orb will help us to fully bloom into the expression of our full potential. It all starts with a little self trust.

Full moon in fiery Leo invites us to put ourselves first. By exercising acts of self love, we feel more grounded, whole and confident. Small acts of self-kindness such as getting a manicure, buying yourself flowers or getting a haircut can help boost self confidence. All of these simple, frequent acts build up our self trust. You can start by creating a positive self care routine or engaging in one healthy habit daily. Set aside a few minutes each day for Yoga, meditation or journalling. When we set small goals and achieve them, we start to believe in ourselves more and see our own greater potential in completing bigger tasks. Investing a little time on ourselves helps us to recognise our strong points and observe where we need improvement or change. There is no greater return than investing in your own well being and success. It is your time to shine. A group of lions is called a pride after all!

Be bold and take risks in launching new projects, applying for that job abroad or making that big move. Any work ventures or projects completed on or before this Leo moon will lead to permanent changes for the better. Now is the time to give it your all. Leo invites you to go big and think outside the perimeters of your vision. The valiant qualities of this sign imbue you with the courage to seal the deal. Be limitless and go big, stick to your decisions and don't look back. You only live once! Try and if you don't succeed, try again. Some of the world's greatest achievements were not accomplished on the first go and were also once considered too risky or impossible.

Sun in Aquarius invokes a playful inquisitiveness, lively interactions and adds an unexpected spark to all social gatherings tonight. Ask and you shall receive far beyond what you have expected. Have fun, let loose, and be your authentic self. You may find you have a secret admirer or find new admiration from an unexpected source. Don't be afraid to try new things or visit new places. Aquarius is the sign of communication and knowledge, while Leo is the life of the party, so get out there and network. Be assertive and determined with regards to your desires rather than let any doubt get the best of you. Don't compromise your beliefs but respect those of others with grace.

Put yourself out there and don't be shy. Try a little self-promotion on your social media. Hone and own your gifts. If you don't impress, don't distress. Avoid the "compare and despair" mentality based on "likes" or "follows", but rather use it as an exercise to highlight your own talents for those that may benefit from them. Make it less about Ego and more about being a light in the darkness for others. If your doing well on the social front, share the success! Post supportive "likes" or positive comments on a friend's new page or pages/accounts that you like.

The full moon squares the north and south lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, reminding us to be more flexible in our thoughts or actions by releasing any "fixed"ideas. Nothing is black and white. Misperception can lead down dangerous paths. An open minded, cool attitude will win people over and ease tension or conflicts with coworkers, friends or family. Don't take anything personally, but rather receive the opinions of others as constructive or as an opportunity to understand those around you more profoundly. When we hold non-biased space for the insight of others, we learn new things that might surprise us. Be open to everything. The mantra for this moon is, "Let it go and let it flow".

Venus and mars, the planets of love and passion, connect in practical and loyal Capricorn. It is an opportune moment to begin a commited relationship or fortify an existing one. This being said, don't let too much practicality dampen your spontaneity. Leo is particularly frisky, oozing both sensuality and sexuality that beckons us to add a little spice in the boudoir! Get those fuzzy hand cuffs out and go wild, just blame it on the moon! Hedonism is heightened as Leo's flames awaken the seductive urges of the second chakra, our sensual and passionate centre. Invite your lover to soak in a scented, candlelit bath, share a sensuous meal together or enjoy a relaxing couple's massage. Leo is also the sign of fertility, so if you're thinking about adding a new addition to the family, tonight's the night.

Wherever you are, soak up the magical moon beams and charge up your crystals. The power of this fierce feline moon will last well into this year. Any bold moves or courageous actions taken now, will shape the course of how 2022 unfolds for you. This year brings much light and transformation ahead, but not without its challenges. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and sparkle while you can! Let this moon be your spotlight, you deserve the recognition and now is the time to be seen. Shine bright but be kind. Pride should be rooted in gratitude not conceit.

Sweet dreams Moonbeams....

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