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Let it Rain!

Ever heard the saying, "Right as Rain"?

Rain has a way of cleansing, nourishing and refreshing. There are times we may feel like we need to wash away our worries and troubles. We may sense a need to clear away the old and renew ourselves. It is a little luxury to lose our thoughts in the pitter patter of its drops. Water is the most vital, cleansing substance on our planet. Consider how good and rejuvenating an energetic shower or even warm bath feels. Water has the power to heal, revitalise and bring new life. It soothes the mind, body and spirit.   Rain is one of nature's divine gifts. Every ancient and indigenous culture revere it as Sacred.  It literally feeds everything on the planet! Rain also feeds our soul.  There is nothing more relaxing than hearing a gentle rain pitter patter on our roof and see it's silvery droplets dance on our windows. Rain showers can be a time of reflective quietness. A moment to soothe, refresh and reset!    Today it's raining here in lovely Palma. It is the perfect day for us here to experience the Rain with all of your senses. The sounds of falling water is scientifically proven to have a direct effect on the Limbic system, causing a deep state of relaxation. Begin by tuning into the sound it makes, it's vibration, and rhythm. Listen to how each drop streams down, It's frequency. Is it a  roaring down pour or a gentle hush?  Let the sweet sound penetrate your innermost being. Allow it to awaken the tranquil joy we all have within. Smell it's freshness. Notice how it accentuates the smell of flower, plants and grass. Take in it's purity.  Observe each droplet blending into other drops, silvery and smoothly, running down into the Earth. Be aware of how the soil itself opens up and surrenders to it. We can take this time to breathe, release and surrender ourselves too. We can gently let go. Let the rain wash away any negative feeling or thoughts. Receive it's healing. Rainy days are the perfect time to nurture, reflect and appreciate all creation. Immerse your senses in the sound, feel and look of it. Bring your whole being into a calm repose.  Just like each droplet of water, we are all connected here on this planet. We all are all part something greater. Come into the awareness of it's life giving power to all of us beings here on Earth. Every single drop is important. Meditate on how the ocean, lakes and streams were created, beginning with one drop at a time. Just like the droplets that create rain storms, every single , small accomplishment in our life, creates our whole existence, our purpose. Meditating on rain can be a valuable lesson.     As we share our energy with each other daily, we can radiate our most vibrant self. When we are renewed and relaxed, we can give a higher vibration from a place of joy, harmony and ease. So take this moment to cleanse, renew and revitalise.  I hope this serves :)

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