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New moon in Enchanting Pisces

Dreamy, wild hearted Pisces is a flood with passion, creativity and love!

This new moon in Pisces presents a great opportunity for personal, material and spiritual growth. Each new moon signals a time of new beginnings and acts as a catalyst for moving us in the right direction. Pisces imbues the new moon energy with its sentimental, dreamy, romantic qualities that help us connect to our life's true passion.

Both the sun and moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter encourage personal growth and expansion. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and inspires us with a plethora of innovative ideas, creativity and good luck in all upcoming endeavours. However, this position of Jupiter also has a shadow side, so stay on your best behaviour. Greed, excess and conceit are the negative side of Jupiter's qualities, so staying humble is key. Sharing your abundance with others in the form of service will forge some very interesting, new alliances and maybe even a new love interest!

The new moon sextile Uranus brings exciting surprises and unexpected encounters. You could meet unorthodox people or experience different cultures that may pleasantly change your perspective of the world. Don't be afraid to take risks and step into unfamiliar experiences. Bravery is not about being fearless but rather being afraid and doing things anyway! After all, as Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "A smooth sea never, made a skilled sailor." Be authentically you! Put yourself out there, trust your intuition and release your inhibitions. Your true inner self might just surprise you and open doors to a possible new career or a new home abroad.

Mercury conjunct Saturn might add a little heaviness to this moon and can create a sense of self-pity or low self esteem. These planets in respect to highly emotional Pisces can also trigger depression. Don't let other people's criticism, gossip or your own negative self talk deter you. Focus your energy on your own self commitment. If you're feeling down, go for a walk, get out or meet a friend for coffee. Trying new things or visiting new places can give you an unexpected boost. Take that pottery class you've been meaning to try, or give that new yoga studio in your neighbourhood a go! Engage in healthy activities that nurture your spirit.

Venus conjunct Mars with this Pisces moon rev up your creativity, passion and lust for life. These planetary aspects fire up the libido and help you connect to your sensual side. Fuel that fire by inviting spontaneity into your intimate life. Treat yourself to sexy lingerie, go on a blind date or plan a sexy rendez-vous with your lover. The Svadhisthana or second chakra, being correlated to Pisces, is especially highlighted by this new moon. This sacral chakra is the center of all emotions, creativity, desire and sensual pleasure. Activities such as writing, creating art, dancing, yoga, swimming and lovemaking really help to awaken this fluid, sensuous Piscean ruled Chakra.

Venus conjunct Pluto amplifies emotional depth. Love in a current relationship may deepen and also your need to be loved. An overall increase in affection and romance is in the cards.

Single? Perhaps love at first sight is around the corner. A chance encounter can lead to a deep, life altering karmic relationship. Saying this, all that glitters is not gold, so don't ignore any red flags that come up. Go with your gut! Beware of mistaking a moment of transient lust and heightened passion for more than it is. These planetary aspects can also instigate compulsive tendencies, jealousy, obsessive behaviour and delusion. Be romantic but realistic!

Mars conjunct Pluto, could unleash a surge of irrational emotional outbursts and a voracious sense of entitlement. It may conjure an unquenchable need for self satisfaction, that can lead to envy, aggressive actions, violence and toxic behaviour. Don't let little triumphs get to your head and create vain delusions. Use any failures as an opportunity for improvement. You can't win them all and thats ok! Constant stamina and drive are key essentials in order to achieve goals, but stay conscious of how you employ them in your actions. Mindful speech and ethical actions are crucial in order to succeed. Be considerate of situations and people around you. Arrogance and pride will hinder much needed future alliances and endeavours.

Venus, Mars and Pluto interact with the new moon with high intensity. The aspects of these planets and their strong energies need not be all consuming. This cosmic force of indomitable drive can be harnessed to work through challenges, inspire new ventures and deepen intimate relationships. Use it as fuel for your dreams but graciously accept it may not grant your every desire. All is fair in love and war.

Overall this Pisces new moon heightens intuition, emotions and passion. It invites us to dream freely yet be free of fixed expectations. As a mutable sign, it beckons us to go with the flow and open our hearts to new adventures without a determined destination. Dream more, do more, expect less and receive more than you have ever imagined. The magical effects of this moon will last for the next 4 weeks, so manifest mindfully. Now is the time to get your intentions out there into the universe. Every new moon is a fresh, new start to unlimited possibilites!

Sweet dreams Moonbeams xx

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