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New Moon in Pisces

No moon is a good moon. A New moon, though not visible, quietly sits in the shadow of Earth, but it is still brewing its clandestine magical hope for what is to come. The sky will appear as if there is no moon, but the illusion of "no moon" is a good moon. It is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start again on a blank canvas.

New moon in Pisces is an opportunity for a fresh start. New moons are a time of reflection, regrouping and clearing away what no longer serves, in order to make space for what is coming. Time to let go, forgive and forget the actions or thoughts that failed us in the past. This Pisces new moon is asking us to make peace with our unresolved emotions. It is the moment to release those repetitive, negative patterns and be open to new unthinkable possibilities. It is asking us to try again with a different approach.

This part of the moon cycle is a great time to cleanse and detox. When we take the time to cleanse our body, space and mind, we create room for new ideas and concepts to manifest. This opens us up to a new vision and allows for more choices to appear for unsolved problems. When we are open to receive Universal guidance, we naturally evolve into our best self.

Express your authentic self. Pisces is a creative dreamer, open hearted and a free thinker. The new moon in this sign invites us to take an artistic approach on how we see and do things, even menial daily tasks. Let life imitate art. When you make your cup of coffee, maybe try foaming your milk and add a dash of cinnamon for colour! Clean out that desk drawer you've been putting off organising and line it with decorative shelving paper. Purge your wardrobe and upcycle any drab items by dying them a new colour, adding rhinestones to them or sewing a funky patch on them. Draw, paint, sing, dance, try new recipes and inspire creativity in all parts of your daily life. Do things while finding the beauty in the action or object. Let your heart lead the way.

"Journal, jot down your feelings, be candid with yourself."

Delve into self inquiry, be honest with yourself without bounds or judgment. Journal, jot down your feelings, be candid with yourself. Go deeply into your psyche, blow off steam or simply just scribble down amusing thoughts and ideas. Get the mental fluctuations off your mind and onto paper. Often doodling and free writing helps us mentally spring clean and sweep out blocks that keep us from flowing in our projects. Allow a safe space for your feelings. Feel free to get as profound or as fun and frivolous as you like!

Get dreamy! What are the things you truly desire in life if you had no limitations? Create a detailed vision board of what you wish your life to be like. Hang it in a place you can see it every morning and spend a few minutes envisioning this life you created, as if you are living it right now!

Get outdoors and into a body of water. If it is Winter where you are, walk by a lake, stream or the sea, even its frozen! If you live in the desert, dive into your local community swimming pool or take a soothing bath. Find a way to connect to the Water element and embody its qualities. Water reminds us to go with the flow, shape our own path and keep going forward, even if it's only one trickle at a time. Remember, the deepest ocean began with one drop.


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