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October, Breast Cancer Awareness month! 

It's time to take our health into our own hands..literally. The number one prevention and detection device for Breast cancer is... ( drum roll ) hands! Feeling a "lump" in the shower or perhaps a bump found by your partner can save your life. It imperative to learn how to self breast exam and learn how to adapt healthy, low toxic lifestyle habits.


   Getting informed and educated about prevention, self breast examination and lifestyle changes  could save your life.  

   There are options and many alternatives for the treatment and healing process of Breast Cancer.

A few surprising ways to create awareness, prevention, and healing of Breast Cancer

  • Learn self breast exam!! Ask your OBGYN or a Breast Cancer Educational organisation to learn how 

  • Don't Smoke! Cut those nasty cigarettes out.

  • Avoid all Aluminium and Aluminium products ( tinned foods, Nespresso coffee pods, "Crystal deodorant" ( Though the label says aluminium salts free.., um..its Aluminium!! a NO GO! labels cans scam you)

  • Avoid using plastic products, BPA, Phalates and other hormone disruptors in your day to day life ( cosmetics( fluoride and heavy metals), household cleaners, furniture,  carpets, water bottles and yoga mats,  mattresses, pillows, toxic Clothing , flooring ,paints, etc. food containers etc)

  • Volunteer at your local hospital ( offer your services..if you're a Yoga teacher, teach free yoga!  or offer Coaching/Counselling, cook a healthy snack or meal, or donate clothes/ bedding, or medicines to needy patients. etc.) Interact and help cancer patients and their families—maybe offer to drive patients to appointments,  raise money with friends to provide care packages for hospitalised patients to uplift their mood.  ( I personally make and donate my essential oil blends in a gift bag  and attached empowering, healing affirmation cards or books.)

  • Eat more organic, non GMO and seasonal foods. Most produce importers have to use conventional methods to keep goods fresh and marketable( Like wax and other junk!! these are poisons) , support local farming, buy wild caught fish; sustainable, grass fed beef and organic chicken).

  • Grow your own food if possible or create an urban garden on your balcony or window space!  ( I will be having an "Urban gardens for small spaces" workshop this November--watch this space.)

  • Pack your child's lunch with healthy non gmo snacks for School days and when travelling

  • Get informed! Read food labels on food, clothing, cosmetics, etc., ask questions about products anyhow they are made. Learn which toxic chemicals you should avoid that are often in our pilots, bras and  even underwear! 

  • Get involved with wellness community groups, learn to teach breast cancer exams and Spread awareness!

  • Join ocean/ beach clean ups..did you know 90% of all table salt now has micro-plastics in it?? Yuck!!

  • Avoid processed foods, crisps,  frozen food, soy based ingredients and  palm oil

  • Stay active!!  Exercise and maintain a healthy, stable weight  Get to know your body and how to identify signs and symptoms when your health may be in danger.

  • Meditate! People that meditate are statistically shown to have better overall health and are more mindful of the environment around them. They are more likely to recycle and be kinder to the Earth and those around them. Building a clean, conscious community prevents Cancer!

  • Limit alcohol, drink more filtered, fluoride free water!

  • Seek advice from herbalists , nutritionists and naturapaths too! Food as medicine is healing and small changes, such as incorporating  certain herbs and superfoods can boost the immune system! They are  great guides for maintaining better health and offer a lot of knowledge to our own well being that most allopathic medicine does not.     ( I will be doing a plant medicine workshop soon! Watch this space)

  • Learn your family medical history and educate yourself about breast cancer

  • Ride your bike and reduce carbon footprints

  • Quit Smoking!! and Vaporising too!!!

  •  Learn about Hormone disruptors. These include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), and dixons. Parabens ( Methylparaben, Propylparaben). Other examples of endocrine disruptors include bisphenol A (BPA) from plastics, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) from pesticides, vinclozolin from fungizides, and diethylstilbestrol (DES) from pharmaceutical agents.

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